LIBERTY FORGED LLC. Terms & Conditions and Limited Warranty



Please read all the information below carefully prior to placing your order. Without exception, every Liberty Forged wheel is Forged from 6061-T6 Aluminum. Our focus is always on Safety and Quality! The terms and conditions of this sale are governed by the laws of the state of Oklahoma and cannot be changed without the express written consent of Liberty Forged LLC. By placing your order with Liberty Forged, you acknowledge the contents of this document and agree to the terms and conditions herein. Please be aware that these terms and conditions apply when your order is placed and are valid whether signed or unsigned.

Liberty Forged LLC manufactures and sells aftermarket wheels primarily used for show trucks and/or general off-road use. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check state and local laws governing the use of our wheels, both on and off road. Our aftermarket wheels are likely to change the way your vehicle looks or performs from its original factory delivered condition. This could include, but is not limited to, handling, braking, steering, etc. The purchaser understands that these conditions may exist and are not related to product quality, unless it is determined to be a manufacturers defect as outlined in the warranty statement below. As such, these conditions may exist and vary from vehicle to vehicle and Liberty Forged LLC assumes no responsibility for these possible changes or variations in original factory performance. Liberty Forged manufactures its wheels using precision techniques delivering high-quality, consistent and superior product. By purchasing these aftermarket products from Liberty Forged, the purchaser agrees to take any and all responsibility for the use and/or misuse of these products and agrees to hold harmless Liberty Forges LLC, its ownership and all affiliates, (including but not limited to; manufacturing entities, distributors and sales personnel) from any and all damages or consequences, legal or otherwise, resulting from said use or misuse.

It is intended that all Liberty Forged wheels and accessories will be installed by a qualified technician or mechanic trained in the assembly and installation of automotive wheels. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR INJURY, FOR ANY PARTS ALTERED AND ASSEMBLED BY ANY OTHER PERSON.



This is a limited lifetime warranty is given only to the original purchaser of this product. This warranty is not transferable and original proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. Please be sure to maintain your original invoice or receipt. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of wheel(s) and other LF Products, at the sole discretion of Liberty Forged, for any wheel(s) determined to be defective and covered under this warranty or any other approved warranties. In addition, all other warranties, whether expressed or implied are invalid. Liberty Forged uses the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods to maintain structural integrity and consistency with its products. The warranty assumes that under standard and reasonable use, wheels manufactured by Liberty Forged have a lifetime structural warranty that guarantee the replacement of the wheel(s) in the event of a structural failure caused by a manufacturer defect to (only) the original purchaser of the product. Liberty Forged and its affiliates assume no responsibility for incidental damage or consequential damage resulting from said manufacturers defects. Under no circumstances will Liberty Forged be held responsible for such damages as described as incidental or consequential. In the event the original purchaser files a warranty claim and Liberty Forged determines the claim to be valid, Liberty Forged will replace or repair the wheel(s) without charge as described above. This will include freight both to and from the original purchaser from Liberty Forged headquarters or one of its authorized distribution outlets, but will not include such incidental charges as removal, teardown, packaging, mounting and balancing.

Installation costs, transportation costs or loss of use is not covered under thiswarranty. Wheels will not be replaced due to defects in additional or other bolted on or affixed accessories. ALL warranty claims must be processed through the original location, dealer or distributor where originally purchased. If that is not possible, contact Liberty Forged directly at one of the contact points below.

Any repairs or alternations to wheel(s) performed by someone or entity other that Liberty Forged or one if its authorized outlets will immediately and unconditionally void the warranty as well as potentially undermine the wheels structural integrity, thereby causing a safety hazard that could result in injury or death.

Examples of Warranty exclusions:

  • Wheels not purchased from an authorized dealer.
  • Claims made by someone other than the original purchaser.
  • Any damage or defect caused by abuse, negligence, or accident.
  • Any damage caused by defective accessories.
  • Any damage caused by racing or by road hazard impact.
  • Any wheels that have been repaired or modified.
  • Any finish issues cause by use or misuse of hazardous cleaning chemicals or materials.



All listed prices are from Liberty Forged LLC in Claremore, Oklahoma. Prices are subject to change at any time, without warning. This could include products, applicable taxes, duties and transportation costs. Liberty Forged sells it wheels inclusive of these extra charges and will be itemized separately on your bill to achieve the total. We also reserve the right to make substitutions to our product offering and without prior notice we may even discontinue parts or accessories as presented on our website. Furthermore, we reserve the right to make policy changes, alter prices or specifications and initiate design changes without creating any customer/purchaser obligation. All Liberty Forged products are subject to availability. Liberty Forged website content is owned, copyrighted and maintained by Liberty Forged LLC as the manufacturer and original distributor. Every effort is taken to have correct and accurate information on our website, we have no control over this content and therefore it is agreed to, we will not be held liable for any information, illustration, wording, digital image that is in error on our part or others. We have the right to correct information, prior to or after, a transaction is made.



Unless otherwise specified, payment terms are as outlined on the website. In the event you are paying with a credit card, we may require additional information. Due to increased levels of potential credit card fraud, we will use this additional information to verify your identity. This information will be held in the strictest of confidence during your ordering period and promptly purged from our system following. All credit card transactions are subject to a 3.0% processing fee and are outlined on the website.



Liberty Forged will make every effort to ship orders on time, but cannot guarantee shipping times or efficiencies once product leaves the facility. As such, all shipping times are communicated as estimates.

ALL product is shipped FOB Origin. Since the product pricing, except where exceptions are noted, includes all shipping charges, the purchaser assumes responsibility for the product title at shipment. Liberty Forged will act as the shipping agent to coordinate and communicate on behalf of the purchaser. A flat rate shipping estimate has been included in your wheel cost and are only applicable to the lower 48 states in the US. However, these shipping charges may be subject to additional review should the rates to your destination be other that the expected and pre-negotiated rates. In the event there are changes in the shipping charges for your product, you will be notified at the time of your order submission. Typical shipping rates depend on size, weight, location, and carrier. If any information provided by the purchaser is incorrect, and additional freight charges are applied by the carrier, the purchaser is solely responsible for those additional charges. All international shipping charges, including fees, insurance, taxes, duties, are handled by the purchaser. Returned shipments by the purchaser or their customs agent in a particular country, because of laws prohibiting items shipped, documentation, or other legal circumstances, the incurring charges, thereafter, are the responsibility of the purchaser. Liberty Forged is in no way responsible for any laws or changes to any laws prohibiting items that we sell from entering that country. We make assumption that the purchaser has accurately verified the governing laws of its country regarding import laws.



Liberty Forged requires all lost or damaged shipment be reported with 10 days of the original shipment notification. Please keep all original packaging materials and paperwork to assist in the investigation of damaged articles. Carriers require this original information for their review. Liberty Forged will replace lost or damaged items in transit provided the carrier investigation is completed and determines that the damage or loss was in fact the fault or responsibility of the carrier.

Obviously, there are exceptions. Please call us! We can help!



Our ordering process is rigorous and thorough for good reason. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, but all sales are final. Except in cases of manufacturers defects, you are obligated to complete your transaction once initiated. Liberty Forged does not offer an exchange or return program for anything other than warranty related items as described above. Any items returned to Liberty Forged without an authorized and issued RMA will be returned to the purchaser at the purchaser’s expense. Specific rules apply regarding product purchasing, so please read carefully. In the event special circumstances arise that are not previously outline din this document and a return or exchange is applied, the product being returned is subject to a 20% restocking fee paid by the purchaser.


ALL returned items, whether warranty related or not, ship to the following address:

Liberty Forged, LLC 2205 E L Anderson Blvd, Claremore, OK 74017

Main Phone # 918-800-1930

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